Our Story

We didn't invent the wheel, we just made it more delicious.

As Loveland locals, there's nothing we love more than our bikes except.... PIZZA! The vision for this space grew out of our love for pedaling, and as locals, we really wanted a place to eat a slice of pie and drink a pint after a ride. The post-ride meet-up was usually at one of our favorite downtown breweries, and we often found ourselves wanting to "grab a slice" from around the corner to go with our frosty bevvies. Because all of the best ideas are born on barstools, we started kicking the can around.

"Wouldn't it be cool if someone delivered pizza downtown on bikes?!" And the rest, as they say, is history. Now, you can catch us riding around Downtown Loveland delivering fresh slices of NY-Style pizza on our delivery e-bikes! We designed and fabricated custom delivery trailers to make sure our slices stay hot and toasty on the way to all of our favorite breweries! Is your watering hole on our route? Check it out below, or stop by for a visit and say Hi! Either way, we can't wait to see you!


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